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Why Granite-ERP

Granite ERP Solution G-ERP:

Brings all business operations of Stone Industry into a single simple solution it is a web-based project-based solution. G-ERP addresses the Granite Industry challenges that companies face as they look to grow in today’s global economy. The system is a feature rich offering that can automate the Purchase, Production, Sales order, and inventory management, needs of your business in addition to automating other aspects.
G-ERP provides critical business data in real time through role-based graphical dashboards, customizable reports and alerts Granite ERP is to enable our customers to be highly competitive, profitable and to be leaders among their peers.
G-ERP is integrated Stone Management Software, based on .Net, Java, G-ERP delivers competitive advantage for your Stone, Tile & Marble business. In addition to handling daily activities with ease and efficiency, G-ERP integrates your entire Inventory, Purchase, Sales, and Production leading to increased productivity and enhanced visibility.
Each slab in your inventory is a valuable, natural product. Each slab is unique. When your customers ask for a specific color name, do you know which of your slabs will be a close match? Your customers are all looking for just the right shade and pattern... and you want to respond quickly and accurately. You need complete, detailed, up-to-the-minute information on all of your slabs: what’s available, reserved or committed; how many are left of a bundle; and so on. At G-ERP we’ve considered the special needs of the Stone and Slab industry carefully and developed the Solution for Slab & Stone.


G-ERP has a Solution through which senior management can have 360 degrees view across its organization and Manufacturing units to allow for centralized management of customer and vendor information.
G-ERP is a platform that could implement standardized Business Processes across the entire organization so that all department information could be centralized and available right when your teams need it.”
G-ERP. Built and customized especially for the stone and tile industry, G-ERP enables you to easily manage everything from customer walk-ins, Marker Measurements, Custom Reports to executing delivery and check A/R. It’s also smart enough to send all sorts of Alerts and e-mails automatically from within the system to manage your Factory/Unit. G-ERP is the complete software solution for your Stone and Tile Business.
Granite ERP ensures the safety of your data on day to day basis. The company is able to compile information and reports faster as a result of centralized customer and vendor information, and precise cost. By specializing in providing a single-source solution that supports the entire organization, our clients realize significant positive impact on their bottom line. This is achieved by deploying the right solutions, integrated and customized to meet your very specific needs.
Granite ERP has an independent Solution for Manufactures, Cutters and Traders. We have a passion for what we do.