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  • Purchase

    Purchase :Purchase Request, Approval levels, Purchase Order, Purchase Receipts , Raw Block Receipts and Slab Register can be created.

  • Inventory

    Inventory : Issues of Material to factory, Request for Materials can be done, Delivery challan can also be created.

  • Dressing

    Dressing : Dressing of Raw Blocks with Pre & Post Measurement

  • Production

    Production : Block Split, Wire Saw, Gang Saw, Multi Wire Saw, Slab Numbering, Grinding, Resin line, Polishing, Scraped, Rework, Finishing Process, Grinding, Resin line, Polishing, Status Trimming and Indirect Cost with Trailer Charges can be viewed. Auto Generation of Packing list , Crate list.

  • Quality

    Quality : Online Inspection, Buyer Inspection, and Finished Good Register .

  • Sales

    Sales :Auto Generation of Sales Invoice, Performa Inovice, Bill of Exchange and many more.

  • Customs

    Customs : Customs- All sorts of Govt Forms can be generated – Export Invoice and DTA Invoice. And Many more.

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