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Support & Services

With our expertise in Granite ERP Solution, we provide support services 24/7 through WhatsApp, Skype, and other online services

Customization :

We do not believe that there should be a standalone solution i.e. “one-size-fits-all” therefore, our team of expert developer and business analysts can help your unique business processes, into custom modules that will integrate seamlessly into GraniteERP. G-ERP will be ready for any custom module development requirements you might have. The development of custom software starts with a deep scope definition and creation of a comprehensive SRS-Software Requirements Specifications document- This foundation is critical as the project unfolds and inevitable changes are requested. By adopting the Agile method with frequent reviews, projects are delivered that meet functional needs and closer to budget and timelines.


G-ERP has a specialized team of experts who are capable personnel that know your environment, business processes and your unique business goals will give you the confidence that, when there is a problem, it will be resolved. You need a help desk that not only solves a system issue, but also can discuss possible business process optimization or suggest a new way of looking at a procedure.


Comprehensive and hands-on; focused on enabling users to be confident in their role at your organization.


A complete parallel environment where processes are tested end-to-end-with your data will ensure the next step is on solid ground. The foundation to a good start is a great implementation and obsessive control of the converted data- form, interfaces, training, reporting metrics ...and more... must tie-in and be cross checked.

Business Process Analysis

Before the first step of any journey is taken, the current landscape is mapped a clear objectives determined so all work on a cohesive path and measurable objectives.


Mission : Our corporate mission is to become the technology services partner of choice for the leading participants in the Granite and Stone Industry, and to be recognized as one of the most admired, respected, and successful solution providers as evidenced by market share, revenues, and industry analyst rankings.

Our Vision & Values : To be the best in all we do, completely focused on our business, ensuring the best Solution and services to our customers, a relationship of trust with our Customers, and the opportunity of a better future for all of our team members.

Teamwork : we work together as a staff while always seeking the input, feedback and engagement of our members

With G-ERP tool you can:


In terms of deployment options, there are three versions of the software that buyers can choose from. The software can deployed in a traditional on premise format, SaaS or can be delivered as a cloud-based solution. The one code-set approach allows for Senior Management to spend less time worrying about software maintenance and updates. The software is designed for Stone Industry that are looking for broad suite functionality and want one system to take care of their entire business needs. The system contains everything from Purchase of Raw Blocks, sales order entry to Finished Goods Register and everything in-between. One of the benefits is that Senior Management can get all the information on their fingertips. They are getting a complete Solution.